Amylose-is a planar polymer of glucose linked by α(1→4) bonds. ( α(1→4) meaning amylase. Amylase, is the name given to glycoside hydrolase enzymes that break down startch into maltrose molecules. It can be made of several thousand glucose units. It is also one of the two components of starch, the other one is amylopectin.


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More Information:
Amylose starch is less readily digested then amylopectin. However, it takes up less space storage in plants: it makes-up about 30% of the stored starch in plants. Amylose forms an extended shape, but usually ends up into a stiff let-handed single helix or from even stiffer parallel left-handed double helical junction zones. Single helical amylose has hydrogen bonding O2 and O6 atoms on outside surface of the helix with only the ring oxygen pointing inwards.The aligned chains then form double stranded crystallites that are resistant to amylases. "These have extensive inter- and intra-strand hydrogen bonding, resulting in a fairly hydrophobic structure of low solubility."

Health- If there is high amylose varietes of rice have much lower glycemic load, which could be beneficial for diabetics.

-Camille Maldonado