G9 Q3 Benchmark

The Biochemistry of Nutrition

Aim: To analyze the components of commonly consumed foods and investigate their effects on the human body.

Your group will select a food product and analyze its ingredients. Some ingredients (milk, for example) are actually a combination of other things (water, lactose, proteins, etc.) Once you’ve generated a list of all the components of your food item, you will research each molecule and create a wiki to present the chemical and nutritional information about each molecule.

For each molecule in your food, your wiki will present the following:

Nutritional Information
•What type of nutrient/chemical is it? (protein, carbohydrate, lipid, vitamin, mineral, etc.)
•What happens if there is too much or too little of this nutrient in your diet? What human body systems are most affected by this?
•From what type of foods do we mainly obtain this chemical/nutrient?

Structural Information
•What is the chemical/nutrient’s chemical formula?
•Include a diagram of the molecule.
•How does this molecule chemically interact with the body?