Blue 01 or FD&C Blue # 1


-Blue 01 has little effect on the body due to it being water soluble.

-It has been found to have no effect on any important or non-important body parts.

-This dye is usually used in beverages, dairy products, powders, jellies, confections, icings, syrups, extracts and condiments.

-The Chemical Formula is as follows...
1;Disodium bis[4-(N-ethyl-N-3-sulfonatophenylmethyl)aminophenyl]-2- sulfonatophenylmethylium
2;Bis[4-(N-ethyl-N-3-sulfophenylmethyl)aminophenyl]-2-sulfophenylmethylium disodium salt
-Due to testing it has been known that this chemical does not have any effects on the body.

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